Technologies make garbage sorting easier
Source: Shenzhen DailyTime2019-11-15

THE garbage sorting campaign is now in full swing across the country, but many people still find it a headache to put all the different kinds of waste into the right bins. However, it wont be a problem at the ongoing 21st China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) as companies are showcasing their latest technologies and products to make the process of waste sorting more fun and easier.

An intelligent garbage sorting and collection machine developed by Able Trillion Technology Development Co. Ltd. provides an easy and efficient solution to garbage classification. The company specializes in the development of green technologies and has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao.

The machine has six bins for different kinds of garbage, namely paper, metals, glass, waste clothing, plastics and hazardous waste. By scanning the QR code on the machine, residents can weigh their garbage, locate the nearest locations where machines are available, redeem green account points, monitor malfunctions and send warnings to the platform if the garbage is overflowing.

Residents who accumulate the most points each month can also receive extra gifts.

In addition to the intelligent machine, the company is also promoting their self-developed water-soluble bags, biodegradable bags and utensils.

According to the companys operation director Eric Chiu, the machine is being piloted at the Overseas Chinese Town in Nanshan District and he expects the machines to be used in more locations across the city.

Garbage sorting in the virtual world is even more popular at the fair as groups of visitors can be seen standing in front of digital screens, moving their bodies and having fun playing garbage sorting games.

Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the companies that are making garbage sorting more fun. Visitors can simply wave their arms to identify and put the garbage that pops on the screen into the right bins. Players will get points for every correct classification and receive feedback for their wrong answers. The companys CEO, Zhu Wenzhen, said the screens are very popular in public spaces like shopping malls, cinemas and exhibition areas.

Garbage sorting games have also found their way into ordinary households thanks to the 3-D cameras developed by Shenzhen-based Orbbec. With the 3-D cameras connected to TVs, users can play the game about putting garbage into the right bins on the screen by waving their arms, in order to help them learn about garbage sorting in a fun way.

Li Zengfeng, one of the companys engineers, said the company has teamed up with China Mobile in Fujian Province to install the game on the cable TV network of ordinary households in Fujian.

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